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Color and Light

I became a colorist almost at the same time that I decided to start as Director of Photography (D.O.P.) because I always felt that something was missing from my videos.
The search for improvements led me to Color Grading and DaVinci Resolve. Before that, I was already accustomed to a large workflow and team communication, as I worked as a professional photographer on significant projects, which enabled me to be a finalist in awards such as the Cristina Tavares and to exhibit work in Brazil, Lisbon, and New York.
However, I like to say that the movement of light and the expression that color brings to our eyes stole my heart and became part of who I am. Whether as a colorist or D.O.P., I like to think of myself as a translator of the entire pre-production process that took place before I reached my desk or my camera.
Feelings, shapes, and expressions conceived by various professionals who have dedicated hours of their lives to planning, recording, and bringing the audiovisual product to fruition must be respected and valued because audiovisual products are works built by several minds in search of a single result.


My approach

My professional approach is based on improving my technique and artistic language. That's why I'm always experimenting with light, visiting art exhibitions, and attending courses by renowned professionals in their fields, such as colorists Marcelo Sant'Anna and Walter Volpatto.

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